Security Services

Network & Security Services

We have a wide range of Security consulting services — from application security to architecture and implementation, attack and penetration to cybersecurity education services, enterprise incident management and response to PCI consulting with special Assessors.

Application Security

Application Security services increase the capability against the security risks around your software development environment and lifecycle processes. Through an experienced team of specialists skilled in performing manual code reviews along with automated testing methods, we work with your design and build a mature application security program that integrates with your specific development lifecycle.

Architecture & Implementation

Architecture and structural implementation are becoming increasingly complicated. If you only consider architecture from an IT perspective, you will miss the structural security elements needed to support evolving technology infrastructure, emerging legislative regulations and ever-increasing threats by advance structural implementation.

Attack & Penetration

Penetration testing helps to validate your existing security programs by identifying, prioritizing and remediating risks through a programmatic and iterative process. Our advanced services go beyond traditional penetration testing methodologies to deliver true adversary emulation and provide actionable steps for securing your devices and systems.

Cybersecurity Education

Investing in a integrative program to educate and empower everyone who join and work through your network, inherently reduces the risk by increasing awareness and influence culture.

Cybersecurity education program is more than a training – it’s a strategy. Help you to transform your organization’s culture into one of awareness and ownership through positive behavior change.

PCI Consulting Services

PCI standard compliance is essential for any business handling payment card data. But as standards and requirements evolve, maintaining compliance and performing assessments can become a yearly struggle. Organizations need compliance management teams with significant PCI experience, but finding staff with the requisite expertise can be daunting.