Security Technology

Network & Security Technology

For the product component of your security needs, we partner with industry-leading information security technology manufacturers and maintain a strong pulse on the newest, emerging players. We have security technologies as application security, cloud security, data security, endpoint security, identity and access management, network security and we also have security operation solutions.

Application Security Technology

We need to advance your defenses beyond network and endpoint protection to encompass your applications and their data, without compromising application performance and availability.

Application Security services increase the capability against the security risks around your software development environment and lifecycle processes. Through an experienced team of specialists skilled in performing manual code reviews along with automated testing methods, we work with your design and build a mature application security program that integrates with your specific development lifecycle.

Cloud Security Technology

Managing and adding cloud security technologies to an already burdened operation can introduce significant risk. Building security into your cloud program from the beginning dramatically reduces cloud migration risk, boosts cloud application security and drives alignment between business and security requirements. Specific benefits can include greater coherence throughout the software development process

Data Security Technology

Prevent data loss, and control the flow of data in and out of your organization, it’s vital to manage and secure the entire data lifecycle. leading data protection technology companies enables us to better help you define your data security holes and find the right combination of services and technologies to remediate those vulnerabilities

Endpoint Security Technology

Endpoint security is primarily driven by a need on the enterprise level to have visibility into your endpoints while preventing, detecting, and responding to threats within the environment. Organizations today are seeking newer and more efficient ways to ensure their devices are more secured against threats.

Identity and Access Management Technology

We’re your integrated partner and together we can collaborate on a tailored solution encompassing all domains of identity and data, supporting your business growth, and strengthening your security footing. Elevate your organization’s digital transformation goals and quickness.

Enable your company end-end users to quickly and securely access company details and assets on requirements. Empower to maximize your data to grow revenue, innovate products and delight customers with their requirements. Improve the effectiveness of your IT’s identity and data management process and stay ahead in the competition.

Network Security Technology

network security technologies and platforms allows for us to better help you assess your current infrastructure, determine necessary requirements and align those requirements to your specific network security challenges. Saiosec is the best choice for helping you improve network efficiency and security, while driving greater value from your technology investments.

Security Operations Solutions

IT complexity increases, skilled security analysts become harder to attract, keep and train, which leads to management trouble and makes it daunting to aggregate information surrounding events on the network.

Assembling a network of partnerships and in-house expertise to deliver a wide range of security operations and intelligence services that keep you protected, whether you’re concerned about meeting compliance requirements, internal and external threat management, or early breach detection.